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The Body Cover Group

The Body Cover Group is a family-owned company founded as Elbrina Foundations BV in 1981 in The Netherlands by Gerrit van Helden Sr. “Nothing is as personal as lingerie, no woman or body is the same”. With this thought in mind he took over the existing Elbrina brand name and changed course for something new.

Today the Body Cover Group owns eight brands; After Eden Lingerie, After Eden Beachwear, After Eden D-Cup & Up, After Eden D-Cup & Up Beach, Boobs & Bloomers, Boobs & Bloomers Beach, Nickey Nobel and the oldest brand Elbrina.The running business model based on innovation and flexibility, have made The Body Cover Group one of the major players. Our approach to fashion, creativity, design and quality has allowed us to expand internationally. Nowadays we have offices in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany, we have solid business partners throughout Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Ukraine, South Africa, Hong Kong & China. In all different countries and in our home country we achieve to work with the major mail order houses, department stores, web based companies and local retailers.

Currently we have over 1500 points of sales across 40 different countries, including 62 shop in shops in different department stores. We have 24 brand stores in the Netherlands, in 2017 this number will be increased to 32.

Next to our own brands in which all is to be found, we work with various costumers on private label collections, which we design in house. We have in house quality testing facilities that assure the best quality possible. We are Öko-tex, WRAP and BSCI certificated.

The Body Cover Group aims for the best
Underneath an overview of the key points:

For our customers:
  • Family care
  • Service to its customers is high priority
  • Working in different shifts in our warehouse to achieve fastest delivery workable
  • Flexibility
  • Personal contact
  • In house quality control; own machinery for testing
  • In house warehousing and shipping
  • Divers brands in order to serve all different end consumers
  • In house styling and design
For our environment and fellow human:
  • Working closely with the company Eurojersey and their fabric Sensitive, in this way we help to save the rainforest in Argentina
  • Öko-tex certificated
  • BSCI certificated
  • WRAP certificated
After Eden

Dare to play with your inner thoughts and outwardly reflect your female qualities…... Embrace your feminity...Reveal and open up on those moments that you choose, and not because someone else expects you to. Reflect your deeper emotion, be the woman who dares to explore her feelings, and wears lingerie to reflect this. After Eden offers an extensive lingerie collection which ensures that each moment of the day you can feel empowered and a complete woman… Wearing After Eden lingerie allows you to be yourself, and to lead your life exactly as you have planned Enjoy freedom, be self-confident, self-assured, and more importantly be yourself…

IT’S YOUR WORLD, IT’S AFTER EDEN’S WORLD, Be that woman of the world!

The collections are divided in different delivery moments with different color concepts. Comfort, fashion and every moment are the keywords of the collections. In each concept you will find a variety of wire bra’s, padded bra’s, push up bra’s, gel bra’s with matching briefs, hipsters, boxers and strings. Slip dresses and baby dolls are not to be forgotten. Size range in common from A cup till G cup. All in the middle price level. Definitely a “must have”!

After Eden Sensitive

After Eden Sensitive is a complete collection of basic lingerie. For every moment of the day. In this never out of stock (NOS) collection you will also find back a huge variety in divers bras and bottoms. Mostly plain Sensitive fabric and every once in a while very soft and female lace is used for side panels, waist and legopening. All bras are provided with the softest elastic and straps to be found, micro brushed elastics and 4-hook&eye, in multiple shapes. All closures do show an extra possibility to achieve the most convenient position to wear and are in micro fibre for the softness.

The four concepts in this range:
  • Soft Comfort; spacer material moulded cups, light and soft lingerie
  • Every Day; the most easiest daily bra’s
  • Boost; all divers possibilities in gel padding
  • Special; for every special occasion or to match with all different styling of outerwear
  • All styles are available in white, black and powder color and each season fashion colors in different styles are added. Size range in common AA to F cup, middle price level. By buying an After Eden product in Sensitive® fabrics you contribute to saving the Atlantic Rainforest in Argentina. Discover the project at

    After Eden D-Cup & Up
    A fashionable lingerie collection in larger cupsizes, which is affordable, has perfect support, wide straps, and a truly comfortable fit. Higher back panels create more comfort and support.
    Nowadays the average cup sizes are growing. We offer fashionable lingerie with a perfect fit and affordable prices, especially for the fashion conscious woman who wants to be feminine and feel sexy…She doesn’t want to wear only “old fashion” lingerie and she is following the latest fashion trends.
    Boobs & Bloomers
    Your First Bra…! This is where Boobs & Bloomers stands for. A teenage collection. Tops, singlets, soft bras and light padded bras (for no show under shirts), non-wired and flex-wire ranges, built up with wire casing only, with matching briefs and boxers. All for the girls in age of 8 till 14 years. Also here the fashion colors are followed next to a basic program in white, powder, black, sweet pink and grey. Girly, romantic, sweet, colorful, fashionable are the key words for the collection. Made in 95% cotton 5% elastane. A collection which addresses to the mothers and girls! Size range AA-B-C cup, middle price level.
    Boobs & Bloomers Beach
    A beachwear collection for teenage girls. Bikini’s, light padded bikini’s and lots of accessories in divers color themes are making this collection one standing on it’s own and not comparable to another collection. Also here the key words are; girly, sweet, romantic, colorful, fashionable and toughness with a blink. Size range XS up to L, middle price level.
    The oldest brand from The Body Cover Group. Elbrina stands for basic, functional styling with several fashion ranges. Support is one of the keen words. For your basic turnover at a starting aggressive price level.
    Nickey Nobel
    For all family members…
    Swim- & beachwear for ladies and kids in all age groups. Combines cheerful prints with solid high quality fabrics. All being completed in total ranges existing out of bikinis, tankinis, swimsuits for ladies and girls. Several styles for the mothers are also available for the daughters. Next to all of this a range in up-size swimsuits is available throughout the year. For the daily swimmers, high quality performance swimwear in Italian Darwin quality is designed. This quality is comfortable to wear and chlorine-proof. It also protects against UV rays. It is optimal breathable and fast drying. This swimwear is ideal for all kinds of watersports.
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