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The Body Cover Group is a family-owned company founded as Elbrina Foundations BV in 1981 in The Netherlands by Gerrit van Helden Sr. “Nothing is as personal as lingerie, no woman or body is the same”. With this thought in mind he took over the existing Elbrina brand name and changed course for something new.

Today the Body Cover Group owns eight brands; After Eden Lingerie, After Eden Beachwear, After Eden D-Cup & Up, After Eden D-Cup & Up Beach, Boobs & Bloomers, Boobs & Bloomers Beach, Nickey Nobel and the oldest brand Elbrina.The running business model based on innovation and flexibility, have made The Body Cover Group one of the major players. Our approach to fashion, creativity, design and quality has allowed us to expand internationally. Nowadays we have offices in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany, we have solid business partners throughout Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Ukraine, South Africa, Hong Kong & China. In all different countries and in our home country we achieve to work with the major mail order houses, department stores, web based companies and local retailers.

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